How to write to ws2812b strip, no animation

I’ve looked everywhere for a simple tutorial on controlling individual ws2812b pixels and can’t find one.

The code that I have found just does the night rider led flash across the entire strip. I’ve gone through the code and am having a hard time removing what needs to be removed so the animation is gone and I can control the whole LED strip. I’m looking for complete control, individual control, different grouping controls for different areas of the strip.

Example: 4 different sections of the led strip that can be changed with a color picker (individually).


It really comes down to understanding the programming. You are using three functions from the class:
writePixel( p, (the pixel you are writing) [red value, green value, blue value])
clearFrame() Clears all values from the entire frame
writeFrame() writes all of the values you have currently.

For example, this would write all of your pixels red:

`for(local i = 1; i < NUMPIXELS; i++) {
pixelStrip.writePixel(i, [ 255, 0, 0 ]);