How to use web planner to change imp.configparams?

I have added a configurable parameter. But I cannot see how to change it from the web planner.
The settings button only shows me the code selection option.

The code below works as expected. I just can’t see how to change this parameter from the web.
I am using Chrome.

imp.configure("MMA8452 Dice", [], [webscriptioOutputPort], {dieID = "I10100000001"}) server.log("dieID = " + imp.configparams.dieID)


I have the same issue - there are a few variables I want to set up, and rather than have to redownload code every change, a quick change in the planner would be perfect.

I’m using [sanitized]:
imp.configure(“code name”,[],[output1,output2],{var1=number,var2=number},callbackfunction)

I have confirmed that the imp.configure directive is correct using

Obviously I can’t run the callback function, as I can’t change the parameters!

I have tried with both Chrome and Opera (Windows 7 x64) with the same result - the planner shows me the popup window with the dropdown list to select the code to run on the imp, but no ability to change any variables.

I also tried using the JSON construct ( which appears to make the imp reset!