How to Use Custom Libraries

I would like to write my own library that I can use across various models. Because the library will be specific to my use cases, I don’t think it’d be useful to submit it to the Electric Imp third-party library system. I am trying to find information about how I can include library files that are not hosted somewhere, but I can’t find anything about it beyond this: #include custom libraries. Is this possible now?

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You can do this in two ways. Electric Imp provides builder, which is a command line tool that can do this kind of thing. It’s cross-platform.

Separately, if you’re a Mac user, there is also Squinter, which is a GUI-based tool for managing Squirrel projects across multiple local files (which can be in a sync’d folder or a local GitHub repo clone). It also provides device management and logging.

Squinter 1.0 works with IDE-style models, but these will shortly be replaced by impCentral’s Products and Device Groups. You need Squinter 2.0 to work with these.