How to transfer imp to new owner?

I have built the basic imp tutorial. I’ve created an account, blinked up my imp, and got my LED blinking.
Everything works perfectly, but I’m wondering: what if I want to give this project away?
Which steps does the new owner have to repeat? If he creates an entirely new account, what happens to the program I already uploaded to the Imp? And will the imp automatically disappear from my own account? Can I edit someone else’s imp remotely?

It depends on if you give him the Imp alone, or the whole thing (April board?).

If you give him the Imp and April board, he will have to either use your account or create his own. You won’t want him using your account (most likely). So have him create is own Imp account and write up a thing to show him how to copy / paste the agent code and device code after he blinks up his new imp.

The unique Imp ID is based on the hardware (the April board), not the Imp.

You could create an Instructable ( and simply have him follow that after he buys his own hardware.

In any case, he will have to blink it up anyhow because it will be on his WiFi, not yours. What you’ve already uploaded to the imp, stays on the Imp even if he blinks it to his WiFi router. The agent though … belongs to the account? If I’m not right about that someone (Hugo) will correctly state the “rules”.

The code is cached in the imp - but if you blink up with another account or plug the imp into another impee then the cached code will not be used. The code will only run when it’s in your imp on your account.

The easiest way to transfer a device to someone else is have them create an imp developer account, then give them the code to paste into the IDE. If you made a commercial product then it all happens automatically without the end user needing to have an imp account.

That cache part I didn’t know about … glad to have learned that now.

Thanks for all the comments!