How to send audio data to Web Host?

I know how to read audio data from a microphone. I can send it to Agent without using the Sampler Class. How do you store it on a web host like x10 hosting? Or an FTP server? Does anyone have some sample code? The goal is to listen to it from any browser. I’d like it to remain as uncompressed or A-law mono data at about 20KB/sec, not 44 like a CD. Can you help me get started? I got it working from an Arduino to FTP last year, but I’d like to start from scratch. I never made it easy to play back.

I could store a short sample IN the Agent? Play it back from my agent URL without another host?

How do you convert this to work with an Agent/Beta?

Reading the Lala wiki up to 15 seconds:

The imp’s sampler API is used for audio recording. In the example code provided,
the imp records 16kHz A-law compressed audio, saving each buffer to flash as it is filled by the sampler. When the full message has been saved to flash, the sampler is stopped, wifi powersave is temporarily disabled, and the message is uploaded to the agent. The imp then turns wifi powersave back on, clears the recording flash pages, and puts the flash back to sleep.

When the agent has a new message ready, it can be downloaded via HTTP GET and decoded with the built-in base64 utility in Unix:

curl /getmsg | base64 -D > message.wav

Can I also play the wav file from a browser like
www.myurl/getmsg/message1.wav ?
How do I modify the agent code?

Can Chrome play Base64 encoded A-law data being sent directly from the Lala Agent? I noticed it includes the appropriate wave header.

Talking to myself here. Thanks SBright33!

Chrome can’t play ANY type of Wav file outside of the context menu or downloading it first, which means using another application like VLC. Why is it necessary for the Agent to Base64 encode it in the first place? It is not possible to send this data to a browser without it? How is it sent when the URL includes the WAV extension? It doesn’t matter Chrome or Firefox can’t play it anyway.

Correction Chrome can play some, but not A-law nor Base64.
Firefox cannot play any outside of the context menu.

We’re working on getting the full path binary-clean. This should make this easier…

Is this working yet? Can I see some brief sample code from the Agent?

It is working but I’m not the right person to ask about code… I’ll wait for someone else to jump in