How to save temperature data from temperature sensor into database?

How to save temperature data from temperature sensor into database?

Was thinking of using MongoLab or even Plotly but not sure where to start

Hi niceseb -

There are several ways to get data into a database. One method is if the database has a REST API, which look like a web page URL that you can the PUT or POST data to. That code would live in the Agent code of your Model.

Another method is to use something like Parse or Carriots or some of the other code libraries shown on the Electric Imp resources page. Those pieces of code make it really easy to get up and running. Look at Parse as an example.

Thanks, why not use MongoLab ?

I see this Plotly tutorial, but it is using TMP36 Analog Temp Sensor, so not sure whether the setup is identical to the RHT03 Sensor:

You can get your own shared webhost account with a domain name for $40 (the first year eg. With that you can use PHP and MySQLi to do anything you want. It’s a blank slate. To me, that seems cheaper than some of the cloud services, and with a shared webhost, you have a website all your own … to do what you want. Mongolab is $15 per month for up to 8GB. Cleverdot is $4 per month and you can program whatever you want. You can even use “” as your domain name!

Yes nothing wrong with MongoLab. Have you seen the Electric Imp library for MongoLab. There are other libraries too for other services. As @swieter suggests there is also Parse (has library) and Carriots (although this does not have an imp library yet) cloud based options.

This will allow you to store data in a database… but then what do you want to do with the data.

For simple automated charts plus online data storage and retrieval, I suggest ThingSpeak. Here is one handy tutoral.

If you want really fancy charts where you can edit then sure is good too.