How to manage multiple projects with one imp

I am currently testing a variety of programs as a learning experience. Often the programs have different node configurations. However unless I’m missing something, it appears that one cannot have multiple node configurations to match the multiple programs, that is for example, when i’m working with a program that requires an HTTP node, and then switch to working on one that doesn’t, I have to remove that node or hope it doesn’t interfere. Thanks.

Yes, in general examples are standalone; the planner is designed to set up a configuration then leave it running vs iterate through very different designs.

Thanks. Does it make sense and would it be possible in the future for the nodes configuration and the code to be somehow combined into one monolithic “project” definition, so that for example when the project is opened, the code and the planner configuration are opened as well? Also this would make sharing work easier. Or am I thinking about this the wrong way?

The device & agent pairing pretty much gives you that. The device firmware and the I/O are essentially monolithic so that should give you what you need.