How to imp session - Hackerspace Adelaide, South Australia

Hi fellow enthusiasts in South Australia,

I’ll be attending the Hackerspace - Adelaide, South Australia Sat 9th Feb at about 2pm to do a basic tutorial and share my early experiences on using the electric imp. You are all welcome. The address is: Level 9, 80 King William Street, Adelaide (note, this is the new address, so don’t go to Peel st)
I want to come and show you guys the electric imp ( and what you can do with it. I’ve been playing with this for a while and created an instructable as a basic introduction for those that want to have a look.

It’s an ARM Cortex processor plus 802.11b/g/n WiFi in an SD card form factor. Yes ‘n’ as well. It’s got 6 GPIO’s available for you to configure to be what you want them to be. There is a breakout board and an Arduino shield available as well.

I’ll go through how to configure the imp to connect to the internet via WiFi (uses a ‘blink-up’ processes), how to use the browser based IDE to program the imp in squirrel and get the imp recording and uploading to a web site. We can also chat about some of the other things it can do (and some it can’t do).

If anyone wants anything from the Electron Hobbies shop, let me know via the contact form on the shop site by 10am Sat 9th Feb and I’ll bring it along C.O.D.

Hope to see you about 2pm Sat 9th Feb.