How to get to debugging environment

How do I get to a debugging environment?

Below is where I am now but I don’t see the “debug” tab.


It looks like your account does not have “Production” access. The “Debug” tab enables you to troubleshoot your production devices and you need production devices to be able to take advantage of it.

To put a product into production, you need to become an Electric Imp customer. This gives you access to the IDE’s production features and to the SDK you’ll need to add BlinkUp to the mobile app your end-users will run to configure their devices for Internet access.

Please contact Electric Imp Sales for more information on becoming an Electric Imp customer. If you have other question, please continue to post here and we will help. Thanks!

I don’t think that’s what he’s asking. He’s asking where the debug output is - the log pane is empty.

There is a debug tab for production customers, but that’s to access logging output from production devices.