How to get the history log for some device


We found some issue on some device, and we’d like to check the history logs for at least 3 days.
We check the device log, there are only a few “Device is disconnected” log.

How could we get the history logs?


For that, you’ll need the impCentral API. You can use this to make a direct request to get the most recent x log entries (1000 is the limit, IIRC). see the API reference for details (the previous link has info on how you access the API using your Electric Imp account credentials)

If you’re only seeing “device disconnected” then that’s because you do not have logging enabled on the device in question, and the device is a production device.

In the case of production devices, application logging (server.log) is quenched at source and so never even gets to the servers unless logging has been enabled before that point.

If you’re interested in connection history, we can provide detail there if you file a ticket with time periods and device IDs.