How to get internet

how do you guys do to get internet connection where there is not WIFI in the street?
I see that you all talk about WIFI but what if there is not any? how do you still get connected to your devices remotely?

let me know your comments 'cause there must be way to get this around.


Depends on the situation. I sometimes use my cell phone for WiFi tethering. I’m using imps on farms, and so we set up wifi hotspots covering fields using cell usb dongles connected to wifi booster antennas.

The imp is not really a mobile device. It’s meant to be fixed in a WiFi location, controlling or monitoring something.

I’m wondering though … are you thinking that people connect to your imp directly with WiFi? When your imp is connect to WiFi, all communication is through the internet … because that WiFi router is connected to the internet via an ISP (internet service provider). Your imp “agent” (on the cloud), has its own URL.