How to get associate production in-the-field app with an agent and device

Hi, I’m guessing everyone else knows this already as I couldn’t find it in the forums or devwiki, so please excuse my ignorance.

a) Where are the docs on how to get your products user-side app to programatically determine a device’s unique agent URL so that your app can communicate with the imp in-the-field, not just with a hard-coded development device?
b) Which API calls does my app need to make to the EI servers, in order to do an in-the-field BlinkUp and to acquire said URL?
c) How can I use these APIs while my device is still in development to test my App will actually work?

Other than a post back in March 2013 between danjulio and Hugo where the steps were mentioned, I can’t find anything more specific.
All the other discussions seem to be around development and hard-coded use of agent URLs.

I am at a stage where I need to develop my user-side app (on iOS etc.) to work with my imp-based devices and test the user-side configuration and operation, as an end-user.

Thanks in advance.

a. use the agent url to communicate with the imp in-the-field (must have internet connection)

b. use http: POST or GET

c. don’t understand what you mean (I should say just try it)

I think he means you have a unknown imp in the field, and you want to get its agent URL.

In a real comercial app, it would be tied to some backend, and you would probaly be able to log into it based on some printed id, but for development devices, unless you tie them to something manually I dont think you can go from mac address or even imp id to agent url.

@popsharma - In order to do these things you’ll need our BlinkUp SDK.

To get access to the BlinkUp SDK send an email to