How to find old code in new IDE?


I want to edit/copy some old code of mine which existed under the planner/code tab before. The code is not loaded into any IMP right now, was a test code and I want to get the old code to use as starter in a new project. Can’t do that …

It does appears in “Inactive models” section but all I can do is to see to his name and call “Destroy” on it (haven’t tried that since I would not like to loose it). I can see the code only for “models” which are loaded into a device … Ofc I can try loading into a device and than copy it but than how I can save it under a new name and keep the old version too?

Another issue: how to create new “models”? In the old style planner I could do a copy/rename/new but here I can’t found a way to achieve the same thing …

Is there any description of this “models” in the IDE and how to use them? Since it’s kinda fuzzy for me right now :slight_smile:

Yes, you need to assign a device to the inactive model to get to the code. Non-ideal, still being worked on.

To create a new model you can pick a device from the new list (or an existing device) and at the bottom of the “choose an existing model” popup is “create new model”; enter the name for your new model below.

Yeah, this is definitely a temporary situation. In a forthcoming iteration you’ll be able to see, edit, and compile firmware for inactive models. Instead of ‘Run’ you’ll be able to ‘Update’ the firmware, so the next time you associate a device with that model it’ll get the new version of the code.

Sorry for the interim difficulty!

Confused here. Is the new IDE available?

It’s in closed beta and actually this post is in the wrong forum… should be in the closed beta forum!

Ow - didn’t realised that Santa came sooner for our developer account and we got beta testing overnight. Tought it’s the long waited march update for everyone.

I will search for that beta forum and post the issues there from now on - sorry for the missunderstanding.