How to connect to a WPA2 WiFi network?

I’m trying to get an IOT project up and running at work, where the corp wifi requires a username/password (using WPA2).

I don’t see any option in the blink-up app for entering both a user name & password.

What are the supported WiFi security protocols?

You’re actually talking about WPA2 Enterprise.

The imp supports:

  • Open Networks
  • WEP
  • WPA/WPA2

The imp does not support:

  • WPA2 Enterprise (802.x)
  • Captive Networks (networks that require you to accept some terms in a web browser before continuing).

DOH! Well, I guess i’ll be hosting a network from my phone for a bit until network security hunts me down…

Any plans this could change in the future?

WPA2 Enterprise is on our radar, and a few other people have requested it - but we’re focused on other priorities right now.

In other words, we are planning to support it, but no timeline right now.

How about now? :slight_smile:

The reason I ask is because I’m working on a GPS tracking project which needs campus-wide coverage. The imp is perfect for providing a robust wifi solution for a single wireless endpoint (much cheaper than CDMA), but in the past a single wireless endpoint was kind of pointless for GPS applications… but a campus filled with wireless endpoints, now that’s useful!

Sorry - still no 802.x support or or support for captive networks.

OK, copy. Thanks for the quick reply! I’m sure the Imp will be useful in another project very soon - great product!