How reliable?

Just a quick ‘thanks’ to the Imp team.

My little Imp has been going over 3.5 years without any special attention running 24x7x365 with it’s application.
It, of course, has rebooted a few times due to power outages but I have only had to reboot it one time to ‘set in straight’ in all these years. Amazing!

I remain impressed with how rock solid the whole system is.

I agree! I’ve got a machine running that had its imp added in the late fall of 2012. This is an imp001 (of course!) in sparkfun Arduino shield.

Other than that I’ve used imp002 but overall the system of the Agent and the method of loading and starting code in the Device is what impresses me the most.

Thanks - we love hearing about things that just work (even though those devices will have gone through maybe 10+ OS updates during that time!). Our aim has always been for these things to be totally maintenance free whilst still being fully up to date and secure.

Would be interested to know - if you can remember - when you needed to reboot the imp that one time. I suspect it was a problem with the old bootrom’s upgrader (issues we comprehensively addressed in release 32).

Hugo. I can recall the reboot because I documented it in the forums. Maybe that can help you piece together events on your side that may have caused it. Of course, don’t rule out that the issue could have been with my internal network I guess.


That was definitely during the time of the previous upgrader; could well have been that. Our logs don’t go back that far to check to see if it was thrashing, though :slight_smile: