How do I send a broadcast packet?

I’m COMPLETELY new to Imp, so don’t judge too much. In starting I really like it, but I am having a hard time interfacing with the underlying hardware.

The Imp has a connected WiFi, how do I send a broadcast packet?

The imp does not offer local network access, so there’s no such concept as sending a broadcast packet. All I/O comes out of (and goes into) the imp servers, which are sitting up in AWS-land.

This makes it really easy to talk to devices when they’re behind NAT, but impossible to talk directly to other wifi devices on the same network (unless they also advertise an API accessible to AWS).

Noooo!!! Okay, well do you know if there are plans to open it up later?


I think the whole point of the Imp is the cloud concept, allowing them to be updated online, reprogrammed online, easy setup, etc.

You might want to look at the FlyPort. That’s a WiFi Controller with an embedded webhost. It stands-alone and works as it’s own server. Google: “FlyPort America” for info in the U.S., or “openPicus” for information about the FlyPort itself. I think that is more of what you’re looking for? Much harder and way more involved with setup than the Imp. But then again, I’m not a server expert (nor an IT guy).

@fossum13: no plans, no. As mlseim notes, there are many other devices that address that market.