How do I get a device to look at a different agent?

I have two imps in two different april cards.

in the web interface I have two different devices. I have imp_bug1 tied to model tempbug1 and imp_bug2 tied to model tempbug2. In model tempbug1 ageng code I have a sparkfun data location defined, and a different data location defined in tempbug2. The code for the agent and device are otherwise identical for both models.

My issue is that while the agent code is different for the two imp/april cards, in that they go to different datasources, both imp/april cards appear to go to the same agent. both imp/cards update the data location defined in agent 1, tempbug1. so it looks like bug2 is going to the agent for tempbug1

there is probably some silly thing that I’m not doing to get the card to update what agent it goes to, right?

If I change the device code associated with bug2, it gets different device code, so I think I have the associations correct, but it seems to use the agent assigned to bug1.

I may have just solved this by completely deleting the two devices from the ide, then readding them to the models.

did I do something weird, or is that expected?

It sounds like you did everything properly. We had some issues with agents not taking new code in certain situations this week, and made some adjustments. Should be better now. Let us know if you experience a problem like this again.