How do I change the device ID on IDE?

How do I change the device ID, ask since I have two imp001 and whatever I put the one or the other always appears the same device ID in the IDE. Where am I going wrong?

The device ID is the ID of the device into which you place the imp001, not of the imp001 itself. What is listed in the IDE is the device, not the imp.

You can put any imp001 into the device and the device will always appear as itself in the IDE. The imp takes the identity of the device into which it is placed, not the other way round.

Smittytone, thank you for your attention to my question, but I have not properly explained what is happening.

The thing is, I have 2 imp001 (MAC 0C: 2A: 69: 00: 27: 88) and the other (MAC 0C: 2A: 69: 04: 74: 43) and even if I create a new model in the list "Unassigned Devices "appears the following device (2368774dead3dbee).

And from what I read it should pop up a “device” different, so I could associate one or more devices to a model, am I correct?

In advance, thank you.

How many devices do you have - ie. boards into which you can connect an imp001? One or two?

Creating a new model just creates a new application - it won’t add a new device to the ‘Unassigned Devices’ list. You can associate a device with the new model, in which case the the model and device will appear under ‘Active Models’. If you don’t assigned a device at this point, the new model will appear under ‘Inactive Models’.

When you assign a device to a model, the device’s imp gets that model. If you put a new imp into the device, it too will get that model.

BTW, if you just want to change the device’s name, click on the gearwheel icon to the right of the device ID as it appears in the left column in the IDE. This brings up the Device Settings panel, and you can changed the device name, eg.

2368774dead3dbee -> Device1

Note that this changes the device’s name not its ID. The ID is fixed. When a device first appears in the IDE, it is given a name that matches its ID.

Smittytone once again thank you for your attention.
In response to your question:

I have a single pcb and two Electric Imp. (Soon I’ll have to get one for each device (electric imp) to use both simultaneously).

I want to use the same wireless network (same SSID) and have more than one device (electric imp) in different models (functions / programming).

And using the same pcb, when simply return the devices (electric imp) happens I described … not appear a new device so that I can associate it with another model. Not even in idle!

The PCB is the device. The imp is NOT the device! So you have one device (the PCB) and therefore one device ID in the IDE. When you get your second PCB, you will see two devices in the IDE.

It does not matter which imp you put in the PCB, that imp will get the model (software) assigned to that device (PCB).

The following may help may this more clear:

I have two devices and two imp cards. I add a card to each device and use BlinkUp to get them both online. Both devices will now appear in the IDE under ‘Unassigned Devices’.

I create two new models, and assign each to my two devices.

I now have two models listed under ‘Active Models’. Clicking on the triangle to the left of a model name reveals the device(s) associated with that model.

With those associations in place, when I write some device code for either model and click on ‘Build’ or ‘Build and Run’, that code is transferred to the device’s installed imp.

I now swap those two imp cards around. When each device reboots, its new imp will be loaded with the correct model for the device. The device will not simply run the existing code on the inserted imp. In other words, the imp adapts to the device, not the other way round.

Ok, I understood I was thinking that the device identified by the IDE was the Electric Imp, but now I understood that the device is the PCB.

And again thank you.
I hope at some point be able to return.
Have a great 2015.