How can I obtain the imp's network configuration?

How can I report/print the imp’s current network configuration. I’m attempting to BlinkUp through a small hole in an enclosure and I’m not sure whether the imp is being updated or not. I would like to know it’s current IP (at least via server.log) so I can know whether it succeeded or not.


This information isn’t available; if you’re trying to see whether it gets the blinkup ok, how about configuring it with bogus details when out of the housing, then configure it with correct ones through the hole… if it comes online then it got the blinkup?

Thanks. I’ll work around it. Perhaps I can make it call out to my web server and I can write an API or read the web logs for the info (even though it may not be the local imp IP).

Would this be possible in the future?

We do have the IP of the incoming connection; this can be useful for various applications (eg: vague geolocation) but obviously has privacy implications so we’re working out how to handle this information.

Developers should obviously be able to get the info (as it’s their account and their cards) but the issues become more complex if the information is being transmitted to a product’s manufacturer without the end user’s knowledge.