HMAC-SHA1, HMAC-SHA256 encryption?

I could not find an HMAC function in the Squirrel 3.0 Library. Can someone post a simple code snippet on how to encrypt a string using HMAC?

In the meantime, I wrote a web service on my server that connects to AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS). The imp agent forwards a notification request to my server and it communicates with SNS. So, my imp agent can send out an alarm if the imp is down or some other condition. AWS SNS is really awesome with a generous free tier (I don’t work for Amazon by the way):

Free Tier: You can get started with Amazon SNS for free. New and existing customers receive 1 million Amazon SNS Requests, 100,000 HTTP notifications, 1,000 email notifications and 100 SMS notifications for free each month.
The nice part is I have software control over publishers and subscribers of notifications in HTTP(S), SMS, eMail format in a highly scalable and secure technical environment.

Now, just need the HMAC function in the imp to eliminate the web server in between :slight_smile: