Help with ORBneXt

Hello all. I am totally new to this world and I only found this because I am trying to get my ORBneXt back up and working after the support for the BlinkUp App is no longer there and I cannot find the application on the Apple App Store. When I try to add a device, it says it is a production device and it blinks orange. Be kind to me as I am a total noob :slight_smile: Any steps I can take to get this device up and running?

I do have this information:

Unless you have the ORBneXt Developer Kit, I’m afraid those instructions won’t help you. The Developer Kit was released as an “unlocked” product, to enable developers to add the hardware to their Electric Imp accounts (much as Electric Imp Breakout Boards are added) and use the kit as the basis for building their own apps.

ORBneXt’s other products like the glowing cube thing were not, IIRC, open that way. ORBneXt, if it’s still around, has the capability to unlock your device for you (so you can use it as it it were a Developer Kit), but only ORBneXt can do this. We can’t because we don’t have access to its account.

Try pinging them here or here — your message might get through to someone who still has access to the ORBneXt account.

Thank you. Will do :slight_smile:

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