Help with iCPooch Imp002

Any chance I can get assistance with an Imp002 that was used in a device called iCPooch. It blinks up OK, but I can’t communicate with it. I can only assume it is locked the the iCPooch account. That company no longer exists. Am I wasting my time?


Yes, the imp in that device is locked to that application. Only the account owner can unlock it; we’re not able to do that.

So I am wasting my time. Thanks anyway.

You might not be wasting your time.

Have you torn apart the device and looked inside? I’m not familiar with the iCPooch, but maybe you can use the hardware with a different imp. Like an imp003 on DigiKey for $30. Use the rest of the hardware and just “cut-out” the imp002 portion. The only part you may want to use is the dispenser part?