Help with gps code

Hi Guys,

Using imp001 and Adafruits Ultimate GPS V3

I am trying to get my GPS and got this code but I am not able to get it to work.

I am not using the ODB part only the GPS code starting from this point
// Driver class for the PA6H GPS module // // Used in V3 of the Adafruit "Ultimate" GPS Breakout //

Can you describe the wiring you’re using from the GPS to the imp?

Hi Hugo,

RX --> PIN 5
TX --> PIN 7

Hmm, there’s a suspicious EN pin on the adafruit PCB, which doesn’t appear to exist on the module itself, and it’s not mentioned anywhere. I would guess that this needs to be driven high to turn module power on?

Hi Hugo,

Thanks for the response. What happened was that in my tests in which I was trying to use the mentioned code above ran a command that limited the GPS to only report RMC data. I ran another code (Processing NMEA 0183 GPS strings) and also activated the GPS to report all data and that got it working.