Help with agent /device code to return a state of a switch created in ubidots

hello all, from tom, first time posting, asking for some help using ubidots. i have been using the examples in the imp docs and have succesfully posted data (simple ADC values from imp pin1, works well, also DS18b20 temperature data, works well),to my ubidots dashboard. I was hoping to begin with a simple trial of creating a switch in ubidots, and using that to say control a pin on the imp ( high/low). I have looked at the docs, but am unsure of what is required, i played around with the " GET ", examples but no luck. Not sure if “get”, is what i should be using. In ubidots, when you post data to a variable, you reference your data to a source variable ID, but if you create a switch in ubidots, it doesnt have a unique ID, only the name you create for it, so im a bit stuck. Any help or pointers would be appreciated. thank you.

From what I can tell from Ubidots’ documentation, you need to set up your switch to activate a webhook trigger. This will then call an HTTP API you write in your agent code.

For the latter, you should take a look at this example code.