Have my imps, but can't do anything until the iOS app is approved!

I can’t wait to get started, just sitting here watching the blinking red light, my one neighbor with an android phone I knew just moved away, so I just have to wait on apple.

My first project will be monitoring the water level of my aquarium and controlling an automated feeder system that I’m hacking.

Come on apple!!!

Hi Kendrome

If you want to start the fun, can you find an Android device (preferably one from the list of tested Android devices here:  http://devwiki.electricimp.com/doku.php?id=whatisthere).  You only need to use the smartphone to configure (Blink-Up) the devices as it doesn’t control anything yet.



I actually borrowed a friends after failing trying to run Android in a VirtualBox lol…  

^^^ Great thought

Yah , I mean , I got Android running, but the frame rate was wayyyy too slow for blinkup… 

what about creating an html5 app platform free ? just an idea

Wasn’t aware of the requirement for an Android phone/device until order was complete.  As I don’t know anyone close by with a device to run the mobile app, imps will be sitting idle.

jhogans - Sorry about that. We require an iOS or Android device (includes iPod touch, iPad, Android tablet) to perform setup. We are experimenting with an in-browser configuration option, where, as long as the imp is portable, you could hold it up to your computer screen and program the WiFi credentials from within your browser, but there could be more compatibility issues with this. 

If you have/have access to an iOS device and are willing to wait for the iOS app, it should be approved in a few weeks - we hope.  If you find that you can’t, you can return your imp and dev board(s), if you’ve also purchased these, for a full refund. 

Our target markets are those users with mobile devices since the imp not only require such devices for blink-up but they will come in handy for wireless control of whatever product the imp is embedded in.



Nong - Thanks for the response.  The application I was considering involves data collection and control through a home network wifi.  I was looking at the imp because it seemed simpler to configure and control, and less expensive than the other products out there.

What is the time frame for the in-browser configuration option?  Was any consideration given to a boot loader in the firmware that uses I2C, SPI, or UART function to download network configuration data, after which, the boot load code would go idle?  What will be the configuration method for large batches of imp devices?

Count me as another user with only access to iOS devices, disappointed to find out no way to configure other then android, you might want to add that to the purchase page as a note. At least for initial development it would have been nice to have the browser or even USB option just to get it configured.

jhogans - Sorry for the belated response.  We appreciate that you chose our product for your application after thoughtful consideration of other alternatives.  At the moment, there is no specific timeline for when we will have an in-browser option available.  As to the bootloader and large configuration batches, I’ve forwarded your post to Hugo for a response. 

scojet - Our apologies for not being clearer in our communication about the delay in iOS support at this point.  We will make changes on our purchase site to note this and ensure appropriate expectations are set.

Again, our apologies for the confusion and delay.  We feel your pain and appreciate your patience and understanding.

If you have access to a Windows PC…


Fen Consultants, UK

Success with WinBlink on Windows 8!

If I could ask for one thing, remember the SSID & Passcode for a couple of trys. It seems to only work 1 out of 5 times.

Did you try turning the brightness up?  Also hold your finger over the flat edge (logo side) of the imp while blinking.


WinBlink worked for me on my HP Elitebook with Win7 64bit first go. :slight_smile: