Has anyone looked at the Slack chat API

Is there any possibility of a library for Slack: https://api.slack.com/custom-integrations

I have just tested Slack’s incoming webhooks and it is brilliant. It is quite simple to set up.

You can set up webhooks for different channels so this very powerful for generating alarm notifications for different imp IO’s etc. Then within Slack you can assign different users to different channels. You even have options to override channels and redirect either to other channels or to send direct messages to particular members.

There is also outgoing-webhooks which you can do the reverse where imp can be made to generate a response from a Slack message. Any team member can send a command to the “bot” and this is sent back to imp api and then you can really have fun.

There is plenty of scope to make some really cool applications with this. I tell you IMP and Slack are made for each other :-).

Just tested outgoing webhooks using the custom commands option in Slack. It’s very good.

So for example if you create “/lighton” as a custom command. You configure so that it links with your Imp Agent URL. You can also attach payload textual info too.

Then if I enter in Slack “/lighton BackRoom” it will post this information to Imp Agent (with tokens and other info such as who sent the command). You do what you need to do in the Imp agent code and then you can respond back with a message such as “Back Room Lights are on” and this will show up in your Slack chat channel for all those subscribed to the channel.

That’s rather nice… we use flowdock here which does have some integrations but never experimented with hooking it to an agent. Mmmm.