Hannah Dev Boards

Hey all.
I have been after a Hannah for quite a few months now and had no luck, unfortunately I came in too late and missed the last of the initial Hanna’s by a couple of weeks and people who bought them seem to have either vanished or just dont want to resell one if they have finished with it.

So unless there is anyone on here that wants to sell me their Hannah that they have finished with (Send me a private message asap if you do), then I think the time has come to get a small run of PCB’s produced.
I am here in the UK but will most likely have Seeed do the batch as I have used them before and they produce great quality PCB’s and at a fair price and they don’t take long to ship in from China, I am going to submit the files to them on Monday for a confirmation of price and will also send to a couple of other PCB manufactures here in the UK with good reputations to get some comparison prices.
Obviously the more boards I order will lower the per unit cost. I am going to front the printing BUT if anyone here wants a Hannah PCB I will be selling all but a couple on eBay (once I have taken delivery and tested) to anyone who wants the Hannah design dev board. (It will be the PCB only remember so you will need to buy your own components inc SD Card Socket. The only exception is that I am going to order a bunch of Atmel ATSHA204’s and will include one of those to anyone who buys a PCB (fitted in place if needed).
If you can let me know if you are likely to want one (please only say if you REALLY want to buy a PCB and WILL have the money and not have changed your mind over the Xmas period while the boards are made. Please dont just say you want one and then turn out to be a 13 year old with no means of paying.
NOTE - All sales will be through eBay so it will be paypal and protected by the relevent stuff by eBay and PayPal.

If I can gauge an idea of how many people actually want a Hannah PCB with an Atmel ATSHA204 then that will help me in ordering a suitable number of boards and then not be stuck with a load once I have had a batch printed and delivered.

Finally, if any of you have been through this process and found any helpfull tips on any edits etc to the design and layout, any issues that can be avoided by making changes or using a particualar mepthod or you have expanded on the original design at all with success and are willing to share then please send me details and the required files if needed.

Remember this is not me asking for any money up front etc, im just saying that I am going to have a batch of Hannah Boards printed (if no one can help me out first and supply ME one), and I will be selling a small number of them on eBay where you can buy them.
I just need to know if there are enough people to warrent the extra spend and risk in ordering a larger batch or if its just easier to have a few printed.

Please message me or post here if you can either help me out with a board or if you would be wanting to buy one once printed.


OK, Order is placed for 10x PCB’s and 12x ATSHA204’s (since its always helpful to have a couple spare).
I havent put them as Priority as its pointless over xmas as the order wont make it till the new year anyway. They should arrive the 1st full week in January, so please send me a PM if you want one and I will send you an eBay link once I have the boards and chips.
Till then I have a sweet little project I started on last night to have one of my Imp’s in an April connected up to my RoboBrrd Robotic Bird Project (www.robobrrd.com) that is made from 3mm Lasercut MDF and 3 servos + Custom controll board (being setup to take signals from an Imp to launch various features over the IoT). I will get some photos up today!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thanks for doing this.

Like you, I’ve been looking for a Hannah (and a Jane…).

However I’m only likely to buy the Hannah if it’s assembled.