Handle Images on Vanessa

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I’m new here and I’m extremely excited with what this forum offers.

I saw the others discussions about Vanessa and I have some doubts that maybe you can help.

I have a project that basically will use a phone to send images for epaper. I’m very glad with the @aron code for iOS , and I’m excited to start to running some tests on it ( I’m not a app development and I start to learn couple months ago) but I have some things that I wish to know.

Like @jwehr posted in other discussion, the entire process to send and display a image is taking several seconds, and in my project I have to display with a better rate. I was using an Arduino and other board to display on an 2.7’’ epaper, and I changed sometihings in EPD class to increase the rate, I also cut some steps of display because I dont need a “perfect” image.

I’d like to know if the several seconds is caused by the transfer of the images from the cell or by the process to display itself.

Cause I’m thinking that I could store images on a SD-Card to help the imp to display the images faster.

Thats it, I will be very grateful with any help !

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You could store them to a local SPI flash; we’ve done this before for a colour display (see the tasha reference design here: http://www.electricimp.com/docs/hardware/resources/reference-designs/tasha/ )

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It would be more convenient to handle the image using an image program which supports to process image directly.I heared that they are preparying the image process function.You can have a try.

Tks for the tips guys…

Hugo, do you know how many Images can be storage ?

That just depends on how big the flash is and how big the images are…