Hacking Quirky Nimbus

I got a Nimbus from Quirky, and it is absolutely useless… The only thing that works as expected, is the clock function. However, it got an imp inside, so I am going good to make my own code for it… First i hoped they would unbless it, so I could make my own code, and get it to actually work, but they refused that, and just pointed me at their FAQ page, which says absolutely nothing about why it isn’t updating mail count, twitter notifications or Facebook notifications…

So… I ended up ordering a new imp to put inside it, just so I could start having some fun with it.

Anyone else got a nimbus and started hacking it? :slight_smile:

You can ask them for a Wink API key. I have mine displaying data from other agents.

I might make some kind of adapter board, so I can put the new imp in, and easily switch between them… need to see how much room I got to work on