Hack imp card account

Hello, I have registered the imp card with one account “A” using BlinkUp. Therefore I created a new account “B” and with it I have successfully cleared the wifi setting of the imp card and reconfigured them. Doing this on the IDE of the “B” account the device is appeared.
Is there a way to protect my imp card, so if account “A” sets the imp card no other accounts can change my settings?
Thank you!

No. If you assign a developer imp (actually it’s the SD-slotted breakout board that is registered, not the imp card) to account A and then re-assign it to account B, the imp board will be only accessible through account B’s IDE page. However, account B has no access to account A’s code or settings.

With production devices – ie. those that are not assigned to a developer account, but are intended for a manufacturer’s customers – these are bound to the manufacturer and to their chosen application software model before they leave the factory. This binding process is called ‘blessing’.

In normal use, blessed devices can’t be accessed via the IDE and therefore they can’t be set to run a different model. If user A hands their device to user B, when user B configures the device, they will get a completely new agent and so completely new device sittings (or whatever settings the application model makes available).

Manufacturers can choose to ‘unbless’ devices, which turns a fixed production device into a development device, but that’s up to them - we don’t do this on their behalf.

All clear, thank you for the quick reply

Thank you too for this answer, I’m trying to keep this in the forefront of my mind as I understand the process from prototype to production.

Mind if I ask a related question?

Lets say we have a blessed device in the field in a temporary deployment. It comes back to the shop, gets new batteries and goes out for another temporary deployment. It may need new wi-fi credentials in each temporary deployment, otherwise it can keep operating as a sensor and our backend handles which sensor is with which deployment. Would each wi-fi update cause a new Agent URL and reregistering of the device in the EI system or just wi-fi updates?

The BlinkUp SDK allows you to ensure that every re-configuration generates a new agent URL – or not, it’s up to you.

Check out the plan ID part of this document, to see how it works.

The production device will have been blessed and thus bound to a specific model and linked to your manufacturer account, but there’s nothing to stop you updating that model with new code that, for instance, adds support for some more of the hardware’s on-board sensors. When you deploy that code, all your devices will get it.

Soaking it all in. Thank you smittytone.