Any new on GSM/GPRS/LTE enabled imps? Anyone having success with implementing some small scale GSM wifi broadcast in-the-box module maybe? :slight_smile:

Best, Bobby

There are commercial sites running with imps + hotspots, so this does work. The problem is having too much signal from having hotspot + imp too close.

Could you point in direction of some suited components for building such an ‘internal hotspot’?.
Im on european GSM/GRPS/3G network.

I have also been struggling with this particularly where the WiFi network is highly secured or in locations ill suited for WiFi.

@toebs what I think your are after is a 3/4G router Google it and you find quite a few. If you need something more industrial try you can get this for about 180 EUR

Hello controlCloud
Thanks for the answer. However I already have a number of various 3G wifi routers to set up local hotspots, however this solution is not always very reliable.

This is why I would like to have “my own” wifi 3g hotspot inside my imp-device. I believe having direct control and access to the wifi-3g-hotspot from the imp-device will give me possibility of better reliability and knowledge about network strength and fallouts.

I do not have any experience with the router you posted thou, maybe it is more reliable than the ones I have tested so far.

This is pretty insipid, but what about embedding something like a WR703n router running OpenWRT, with a 3g USB dongle? You would have the WR703n actually connect to your available wifi; the Imp would connect to the WR703n. OpenWRT supports failover to 3g when the local WiFi goes down, so you’d have an (admittedly kludgy) was to accomplish what you’re looking for straight away.