Grove i2cJH on impC001


I am unable to initialize the I2C grove connector on the new impC001. Would anyone point out what’s wrong? This page says to use the hardware.i2cJH for the grove connector.

My code:
// Configuration code for Grove I2C port on impC001
i2c <- hardware.i2cJH;
// Configure clock speed

Server Log:
2018-09-17 12:49:58 -04:00 [Device] ERROR: the index ‘i2cJH’ does not exist


i2cJH is correct, but it wasn’t enabled in impOS in some early releases of the firmware. I’ll contact you directly to make sure you’re on the latest pre-release.


This is because currently, cellular is not on the full release (even number) - it’s on a dev release (odd number, ie 39.x) and hence has a moving target to upgrade to.

It should now upgrade to 39.12 and be happy. Let me know if it doesn’t.