Greenhouse monitoring and control

I am building a greenhouse automation application.
It is based on an Arduino with an Imp sitting on an Imp shield.
So far I monitor 5 signals once per minute.
Next step is to control the watering triggered by soil resistance above a trigger level.
You can check out the immediate values at and the trend curves at
I would like to add trending also to the page. Does anyone have any tips?

Much inspiration comes from and friends. However that site seems to be discontinued.

You should take a look at the growerbot project, which uses an imp - code etc is online?

I have added more sensors and moved the app to
Still haven’t solved the online trending

Here’s a quick example I whipped-up for you … using your actual data from the log file you showed us. It uses PHP along with Google Chart. Because you have so many data points, I just grab the last 100 points in your data (the latest points).

Here is my actual working script and source for it: