Great offer: For sale 2000pcs IMP003. Give offer!

We have too many of this in stock, and willing to selll out 2000pcs for immediate shipping.
Sample Part Number: LBWA1ZV1CD-716

This specification is for the LBWA1ZV1CD smart module that provides connectivity to the internet via WiFi with embedded OS that works with the Electric Imp cloud service.
• 802.11 b/g/n WiFi - 20MHz 11n channels, 1 x 1
• 32-bit Cortex M4 processor - Robust embedded operating system with fail-safe firmware updates - Virtual machine for vendor firmware
• LED drive for red/green status LEDs
• Phototransistor input for Electric imp’s patent-pending BlinkUpTM technology to provide optical configuration
• 23 user selectable I/Os - GPIO, PWM, Analog input & output, SPI, UART, I2C - Dedicated SPI bus for local storage
• Low power 4uA sleep mode (with external load switch) - Option for coin cell RTC battery backup
• Compliant with the RoHS directive


The product is originally delivered by Murata.

Could I buy a smaller number? Say 25?

Sure, we can definitely agree on a number, even though 100 was initially our minimum.

We still got about 1100 IMP003 for sale, after shipping about 500 this week. Ready for immediate shipping.

Feel free to contact me directly by mail, the email is listed above, in the initial post.