Google Protocol Buffers

So I am learning a bit about Google Protocol Buffers. It looks like a great way to connect up different systems and ensure a clean data flow and representation such as an Device talking through an Agent to an external cloud.

Has anyone in the community developed on Imp with Protocol Buffers? Any libs to share? Or would someone be willing to help put a lib together? One example to work from might be nanoPB.

I’m surprised this was never picked up…
More than willing to contribute to such a lib, but where best to start from the existing eImp squirrel libraries as a framework ? Using already existing serialisation libs maybe ? I’ll take a look at nanoPB for sure…

Full fledged gRPC-Web implementation on the agent would even be better, if at all possible, but a REST call with a protobuf formatted payload would already be a step in the right direction.

Obviously we’re talking here aboout the Protobuf squirrel runtime. This needs to be complemented by a squirrel generator for message specific squirrel classes to be inserted in the overall agent program. Can’t be that different from Javascript or c++ generation though