Google Maps API

When using the Google Maps API, I get the error “You have exceeded your daily limit”.

Should I assume that the API is not functional from the Agent because Google sees other requests from the same bank of IP’s that the Agent requests from?

The API works for me otherwise from other source IP’s, but not from the Agent so that was my conclusion. Is that correct?

Depending on which Google Map API you are using, there are limits unless you pay for it.

How often does the Agent ping the API?
And which API is the Agent using?

See this … scroll down to Usage Limits and Billing:

I would also think you would have created a Google Developer account and generated an API key.
The limit numbers would be according to your API key, which should be unique (not someone else’s key).

Let me clarify…

I use the Google Maps API frequently to get location with other apps and I have a dev account so I understand the limits.

This is the first time calling it from the IMP Agent. If I call from the Agent I get the limit error. Outside the Agent with the same call works fine. That’s why I thought it was some issue with the fact the the Agent’s IP is shared across many code bases that may be hitting the API as well and thus it limits out. Google does throttle based on IP despite using separate API Keys. Just a thought. If others are using the API within an Agent just holler then I can continue to see what’s wrong.

The API request goes to: etc etc…

I noticed this yesterday as well. I have a Nixie clock on my desk that uses the Geolocation and Timezone APIs to get its own timezone offset. It seemed to work this morning, and it at the moment does only one request at power up.

I see what you mean now. I think you’re right. It’s an ip thing with the agent.