Google Hangout (Friday Oct 24 - 2pm PDT)

Hey everyone!

If you missed it on Twitter and Facebook, we’re having a Google Hangout tomorrow (Friday Oct 24) from 2pm-3pm PDT. We’re going to be hosting Grand St and talking about their imp-powered LED cube, along with a bunch of other cool imp powered devices and products!

We’ll post a link on Twitter, Facebook, and in this thread about 10 minutes before the Hangout starts!

If you have any questions for us, or for GrandSt, you can ask them here, on twitter (with the hash tag #impquestions) or on the Facebook thread and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Hope to see you there!

Hangout Challenge: Tweet questions to the Hangout with an Imp and add #ImpTweets. I’m going to set up the Twitter streaming code to watch all the incoming questions. If you haven’t tried that code out yet (on the Electric Imp GitHub page), I highly recommend it… so many possibilities.

(The Hangout Challenge is entirely unofficial and just my idea for a fun thing to do. I do think it will put a smile on @beardedinventors face.)

Two questions:

  1. Update on firmware releases?

  2. This LiPo charging circuit from Sparkfun has similar components to one of the solutions mentioned in the reference guides. Is it lacking any major functionality that should be used with an Imp?

We’re running a bit late and won’t be starting until about 2:30 PDT - sorry!


That LiPo charger should be just fine. The key piece is the under-voltage lockout circuit; without this, the imp can get into a bad situation at the end of your battery life. The battery voltage curve is much more vertical toward the end of battery life, so when the imp wakes and suddenly draws on the battery, it can brown out the power supply… resetting the imp… repeating the process. We call this a “boot loop”. An under-voltage lockout at 2.6V prevents this from happening.


Here’s a link to the hangout - sorry for the delays

Thanks! The big plus for using this is that Sparkfun already has the board available as an Eagle file, so I am going to slide an Imp module onto it and see about getting some boards printed.

Hey thanks for putting it up - missed the hangout but played it on youtube. Interested the integrated IMP002 & LiPo battery.