Google Hangout - Electric Imp Disciples

Just want to see if there is any interest in this. The Electric Imp has had a few Google Hangouts, and I really enjoy them. I’d be interested in running one once a week in the evening if there was enough interest. Project and code sharing, and anything related to the Electric Imp or projects. Obviously, it would be great to have folks from Electric Imp in the Hangout, but just to be clear, it wouldn’t be Electric Imp sponsored… unless @beardedinventor or @Hugo wants to run one every week. :slight_smile: Any interest? I am in the Eastern time zone, so we would have to sort out a decent time, but I am up for late night Imp hacking.

Maybe we could get community members who are pro’s at Squirrel/Imp OS to Give some short tutorials every week on code writing/interfacing with hardware?

Electric Imp is planning on hosting monthly hangouts. We’ll do things like sneak peaks at new features, general Q&A, and maybe deep dives into specific topics during those hangouts.

If someone is interested in running a weekly hangout, I think that would be great. I’ll try my best to show up and answer questions people might have… but I can’t promise to have prepared content like we will for the monthly ones :slight_smile:

Cool. I have started a Google+ community called Electric Imp Disciples. It is open to anyone who wants to join. I’m going to start a Hangout Wednesday, August 7th at 10 PM eastern, and the link will be available on that community page. Hope to see many of you there.

Ack, can’t make 10pm eastern tomorrow, but I think the others will be mid-hackathon, probably with pizza in hand :slight_smile:

I’ll be bringing along NeoPixels and (if things go well during our hackathon today) - a simple robot control board :slight_smile:

Nice! Here is a direct link to the event.

I’m going to make the event an “On Air Hangout”, so it can be watched as a stream as well as being in the Hangout. Google doesn’t allow On Air to be open to the public, so you’ll need to follow the Electric Imp Disciples community on Google+ to join. I’ll post both links just before 10 PM. Hope to see many of you there!