Giving up

Hello to all

I got a imp dev edition + breakout board, but I can’t succeed in configuring it. I understand from the FAQ that BlinkUp (almost) requires iPhone/iOS. This is a bit surprising to me, as imp projet has a “open” flavor, so depending on heavy proprietary device sounds weird to me. I shouldn’t be forced to change my phone for working on imp’s (no way to configure using either a Toshiba tablet or HTC Desire smartphone)
It would really be good to think about an easier way for commissioning the imp :
=> double-mode imp SD housing (controlled by switch alike lock button on standard SD cards) : one mode for imp, the other for standard SD allowing writing WiFi configuration file into shared memory. Can be additional to BlinkUp
=> if BlinkUp is non-negociable, at least a standard PC application driving a USB lightening device, with convenient housing for optimising light transfer. This should cost less than a new smartphone

Since I will not continue on the device, I take the opportunity to comment another point that makes me not completely happy with imp. Reading the FAQ, it is clearly stated that there is no plan to provide user private control over the impees.
I understand that for development phase, the cloud option makes it easier for sharing and contributing, but, clearly EI people should think of providing local imp control system. In short, I wouldn’t want to depend on EI cloud to feed my pet, or to heat my house!

But nevertheless, as we are to start locally a new FabLab, with projects based on Internet controlled systems, I will give the imp to iPhone owner, This will give him a chance to change my mind!

Best regards

Is this your first and only post ?

Blinkup works on Android, and the half speed even works with the ancient HTC Hero. Most of the blinkup and connectivity problems can be solved with some help of the forums.

Also, there is a Windows version of the blink-up. It is discussed somewhere in the forums. I use Android tables for blink-up and it really doesn’t work very well. I have always gotten them to work but it takes many attempts.

Sorry you’re giving up; have you tried the android version of blinkup with your toshiba tablet or HTC desire? We have the half-speed version which increases compatibility significantly, though there are still issues with some devices - we can send this to you if you ask.

One of the forum members wrote a Windows blinkup application, you can find this is you search the forums; this is not an official application, but many pepple have had this work for them.

We’ve been very clear about the imp being something that works with our servers, sorry that you missed this.

I really agree with yaccEI, when you first get the IMP and try and getting the Blink-up going (Pain in the A) you have to FAQ just to get it working right? (OH a finger around the light sensor?) I see what he means.

Don’t get me wrong the IMP is great for little stuff and the price is right, But for the real nuts and volts I’m wondering if Adruno is not the way to go at x3 the price.