Getting to know the firmware version from my device


Is there a way to know what the version of the firmware of my device is?

I tried this but I don’t think this will get me anywhere:

if (!(“factoryfirmware” in imp.configparams)) {

server.log("Not running Factory Firmware");


In case I have to upload/update new firmware, what are the requirements I must meet if I must do this on the device side?

This may be helpful:

You can get the name, SHA and deployment time from your code (agent or device)

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Thanks Hugo, It is helpful but only works on the board (imp005).

I should’ve been more specific and said it was about getting the firmware for the Device installed in the board (which is an BGM113).

I was looking at the uart library and see if I could access it through it, but unfortunately seems I can’t.

There appears to be a BGAPI packet for this noted here

… see the evt_system_boot message?

You can certainly reflash the BGM through the imp (we have commercial customers who used the BLE112/113 and do this in the field) but that’s kinda beyond the scope of the library.

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