Getting login wireless settings

I was wondering, after using the imp in the office and at home, first, can the IMP store multiple networks that it knows?
And, is there a way to find out what network the imp is looking for? Currently I keep forgetting, which network I blinked the imp for. It would be great on startup to display the network the imp tries to connect to , as currently there is no way of telling if the network is down or the wrong network blinked up.

So is there?

  1. not at the moment, they are working on it
  2. no, but your blink-up device knows the last network you blinked-up

re.2: even if there was an API for getting the stored network id, how would you display it if there is no network connection?

The API to get the SSID currently in use is coming in the release after 25 (it’s already been implemented)… you could always display this on an attached display?