Getting Data Out

Aside from the HTTP Out Node (our established API is much different) is there a way to get data out of the Imp platform? Am I correct in saying that all data must go through the Imp servers and not directly to the Internet from the Imp?

Are there plans for custom nodes in the Imp Planner so that I would be able to create a node to communicate with our platform?

Hi - Azdle

The imp must connect to to our cloud server for various reasons, including security, resource, and ease of configuration.  You can use HTTP to pass data to/from other non-imp services and/or devices…and though there are only vimps (virtual imps or custom nodes) provided by us at the moment, you will be able to create your own vimps in the near future.



Mmkay. Do you have any idea how near in the future they will be coming? I assume since you’re calling them virtual imps that they will be programmed in squirrel, just with a few more default objects for http and whatnot, correct?


The vimp bits are likely 1-2 months out; given that most of what you can do with them you can also do with an external server, we felt it was best to prioritize work on the imp APIs first.

They will be programmed in squirrel yes, but with access to HTTP as you noted.