Getting data from imp servers

Http in (eg sending data to the imp) is easy with http post besides the serious lack of security it works ok (eg someone monitoring net traffic could probably easily figure out the url).

Http out seems like a serious issue. I need to have a server running 24/7 and configure it and maintain it, etc.

What Imps should do is provide a login to their servers and send/receive commands from the database queue.

eg you already implemented the server.write command on the imps. This works like printf. It would be way better to store data variables in the database then allow sql database queries from a remote to get the variables back.

eg let’s say i have variables a,b,c

just store these in the user’s account in the sql server as variables a,b,c with standard web database connection password/login

I can remotely query these from anytime without having my own server.

Same thing with updates, I should be able to update x,y,z values from a program and these should be pushed to the imp. The imp should wake up and get notifications like phones and see if any values are transmitted.

These are easily implemented and should be the way the imps work. eg easy implementation without having your own server.

Eg just give standard sql database access to variables.

If you’re using HTTPS, eavesdroppers can’t figure out the URL. The secure session starts before the URL is passed, as with any other HTTPS connection.

Agents will provide the features you’re looking for here, ie programmable HTTP handling of both inputs and outputs, capable of synchronously talking to the imp mid-request.