getNewUUID(uuidfunc) returns badly formatted guid value


My code stopped working recently and the cause is a badly formatted uuid value from the utilities.getNewUUID() function. the response does not indicate an error and the uuid value appears to contain a portion of the web page that actually produces the UUID from rather than the value.

example response from the IMP utility:
span id=“generated-uuid” 8acab2

typical source wrapped around the generated number:
span id=“generated-uuid”>f729f8f1-0994-450a-a50d-ea8cd6f7b540 span

I have coded a work-around for now that will start using the proper generated values when it returns a valid value, so not an emergency on my side to get this fixed.

if ((uuid.len() > 5) && (uuid.find(“span”) == null))
//… use it
// use this temporary value
local d = date(time() + ((timezone + dstz)6060)); // get the date in your timezone
local fguuid = format("%02d:%02d:%02d-%02d.%02d.%4d.%02dfg",d.hour,d.min,d.sec,d.month+1,,d.year,utilities.rnd(9));


@terrencebarr should probably take a look at this as the libs come from his team


Thanks, will have a look!


There has been a change to the site from which the code sources the UUIDs. This has been fixed and tested, and there’s a pull request in. The #require version will then be updated.


When and how will we be notified the new version is available for general use ?

The source web site has failed in the past but recovered after a short period ( a day or so ), Since the source web site response actually changed this time, will this function be included in the general monitoring of functionality in the future ?

Thank you.


We’ll mention it here, but we encourage all library users to check the Dev Center regularly for information on new library versions — and for new libraries, for that matter.

Libraries are provided on a free basis to all our users, so while we endeavour to ensure they remain up to date, we can’t commit to doing so in every case. If you discover an issue, you can report it here, or submit a pull request to the relevant GitHub repo.