Get local Ip adress

Is it possible to know the device IP adress?

A search on the Dev Center hints at but the link isn’t available. Note the “release 34” which isn’t out for my Imps.

Platform Business Solutions Dev Center Customers About Us Sign In Returns the imp’s stored network configuration information Availability Device (from release 34) Returns Table containing the network configuration information (see below) Parameters None Descripti..

There could already be another way to get the local IP address.

I’m not sure there is a way, but that’s mostly because we couldn’t think of anything it’d be useful for, given the way the rest of the system works. What is it you’re planning to do, that needs the local IP address?


It could be useful for troubleshooting. My DHCP server, for example, sets the DNS for my kids’ devices to use servers that will filter websites. I have the imp set to get a different set of unrestricted DNS servers but it’d be useful to confirm the imp has the right ones to rule out any shenanigans the kids’ DNS server might be pulling.

FWIW, your DHCP server should have a list of assigned addresses, usually with equivalent MAC addresses, so you can find imp IP addresses quite easily. eg. I see:

unknown_<MAC_ADDR> <MAC_ADDR>

All my imps are listed as ‘unknown_’-something. Yours may be listed slightly differently, but you should be able to see which devices are imps and which are not.