Get IP adresse of the browser who do the HTTP Request to an agent

I’m not sure how to explain what I want :

Let say my IMP is called “Door”

and …someone in China want to see the page generated by the Agent of “Door”. he will go to the link
where xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the URL of “Door”

Is it possible for my agent to know what is the IP adress of the computer/device that went to


Try the ‘x-forwarded-for’ header:

`http.onrequest(function(req, resp) {
  resp.send(200, "OK");

is it possible for the Agent to know the WAN IP of the device ?

Right now, no. This is not exposed.

Is it going to be exposed at some point, it will unlock all kind of possibilities

Very likely it will become a feature, but currently no commercial customers requesting this so it hasn’t been a priority.