Get geolocation of Imp?

Is it possible to get the geolocation of an Impee? I don’t really need anything really accurate, just for instance the town/city would be fine. I’ve done IP address stuff before but after chatting with Tom, all the Imps go through a central server so everything would look like it came from the same place.

If anyone has any ideas I’d love to hear them.


When we have vimps, we could expose the imp’s IP address to them, and then you can use a 3rd party geolocation service to (vaguely) locate it. Until then there’s no way to do this. There will be by March 2013 though!

That’s great thanks!

Couldn’t a method be added to the imp class now to report the IP conf details including gateway (external IP address of router), this could be accessed by the running code and set as a attribute or OutputPort on the Imp, Vimps like the HTTPRequest could then publish the details or run the address through geo services ?

Or is this seen as exposing too much information from the Impee ?

It could be, but the information is of little use to an imp - better that the server-side imp (old name: vimp, new name: agent) has this info as it’s the one that can communicate it externally.