Generic drawing shapes in planner

Is there a way to create simple generic shapes in planner? I am looking for shapes like rectangle, circle with colors. The intent is to be able to create switches and indicators which change color/shading according to what happens in the physical Imp world. It will be a nice way of showing status to a user who is not physically present to see the effect of an action. The status is currently captured in planner using and/or log(), a graphical indication would be nicer.


There is not, nor do we have a plan to do this.

The planner is somewhat end-of-life. The new IDE shifts the focus from connecting nodes together to actually coding what you want your to do.

Using the new IDE + agents you would easily be able to create a simple web page to display / modify the status of various ‘things’ hooked up to the imp.

Thanks. I’ve seen from other forum posts that the new IDE & agents are in beta. Will wait for them to be released.

Hi, is it possible to get a trial access to the beta version of the IDE?