Generating Gerber files in Eagle

I designed my PCB in eagle, but not sure how to generate Gerber files, so anyone can help? I need to order the board ASAP. 8-|

File > CAM Processor

then in that window

File > Open > Job

Select the job file supplied by your pcb house, that will set all settings as they want the gerber files to be.

If you use oshpark (USA) then you can upload the eagle board file directly. One can also upload gerber files to oshpark and so I think they have a job file for generating gerbers available for download. However, as member MikeyDK suggested it is much preferred and maybe necessary to use information from the pcb house you are sending the files to.

I know this company can generate the PCB Gerber files for you, just send them the file and they create the Gerber file and also make the PCB for you”

you may take a look at this link, see following:

how to gernerate Gerber files by Eagle

Created your own PCB layout with eagle PCB

Hope this could be useful for you reference.


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