Garage Door Opener

Yet Another Garage Door Opener (YAGDO)! Added a Web Server as go-between iPhone and Imp (mainly to send text and SQL log - new agents API better way to go for SMS) and COSM (yeah I know I’m out of date but project was completed before xively arrived on the scene :slight_smile: ) API for querying data.

Uses SendHub (on Web Server side - will update to use agents when I get my other 300 projects stack purged) to send SMS. SendHub allows 500 free texts per month so is a handy SMS service for low budget hobbyists.


Nice! I had an Imp running my door… At the moment, an Arduino is, but an Imp will be replacing it. I’m working on a multipurpose impee board, that among other things will make a nice garage door opener.

Great website, BTW… lots of good info. Xively is awesome these days… you can link to for free SMS, or maybe use Twilio.

@jwehr, looks similar in concept to
Seems to me that this is an area of Internet Of Things that is getting a huge amount of attention. Thanks for the comments. I did a quick search of kickstarter and bumped into these solutions:

Funding for these things appears to be a challenge :slight_smile:

Yep. I signed up for, and started looking at that as well. Seems like they will have many of the features of xively and zapier in one. Its a very new service though. Too many to keep up with. I’m actually working on replacing the Aruduino at my garage door with an Imp this morning. No HTTPS on the Arduino, so it would be really easy to hack. I think I’ll put a single sensor on the door so the Imp knows when it is fully closed. I may then have the garage Imp talk to the security system imp.

As far as the kickstarters, seems like a pretty simple project to need 100K, but it does take a lot to bring a product to market.

My current goal is to take all the projects that I work on and show people how to do it themselves. I’m creating a multipurpose iOS app with controls or data for each project, agent/device code, and multipurpose Imp breakout boards (That I hope I can get someone to sell if there is interest). Mostly, it is about learning, and helping others learn, as I really want to transition from my current sysadmin job into one as an IoT developer. Lots to learn, but boy is it fun.

My opener is complete. When you open the iOS app, it ask the agent for the state of the door, and then displays it. Click the button, and the app sends the control. The device opens or closes the door, and waits for a callback from the position sensors, checks if it is fully open or closed, and responds back to app.

That’s great! The agents make things more directly controllable so I guess I should spend some time with them. Have you shared your solution anywhere yet? I’d like to see it.

Here is the Imp code. I’ll post the iOS code soon. I’ll also be publishing another app shortly for those who don’t want to give Apple $100 every year…

As always, suggestions on improvements are greatly appreciated.